Physiotherapy at Everybody Physiotherapy Penrith
Caring for hisbody, herbody, everybody
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Everybody Physiotherapy Penrith

At Everybody Physiotherapy Penrith our goal is to provide a service to ‘everybody’ in our community. Not only do we provide fantastic therapists but also a pleasurable environment. Therefore our patients feel valued and cared for. Where it is all about helping you, young or old, fit or unfit, everybody is welcome.

Our goal is to not only provide expert therapists but we particularly want you to learn how to exercise well. Exercise programs are prescribed so as to provide the most beneficial outcome and to be practical at home. Education and self management are the key to you being able to take ownership of your return to normal movement and function, activities of daily living and dynamic movement/sport.

Our facilities include a fully equipped gym and a deep water hydrotherapy pool.

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